Monday, January 18, 2010


Michael and I have been married seven years today. We had a great anniversary celebration! So for the last seven years my life has been completely different then it was before. Here are seven adjectives to describe my wonderful best friend.

1. Adventurous
I am a homebody but Michael is always up for a crazy adventure and that is what our marriage has been. There is never a dull moment when he is around I am loving the ride.

2. Entertaining
I can't believe how many voices my husband has. He can mimic most every character I remember from my childhood (and some I can't.) He certainly makes everyone around him laugh.

3. Comfortable
I love that Michael and I are so comfortable. I have never met anyone who makes me feel the way he does. Still to this day I am most myself when I am in his arms.

4. Passionate
Don't worry not in a gross way! Michael is passionate about life and what he believes in. He lives his life with his whole self and I am blessed to be something that he is passionate about.

5. Humble
Michael is so willing to change. He is always learning and growing and striving to be a better person. I learn from his example how to become a more shapable Child of God.

6. Gentle
There is nothing I love more then being held in Michael's big strong arms. And nothing I love more then seeing those same arms comfort and cuddle my children.

7. Strong
Michael and I have been through some rough stuff in our marriage and he has been my strength through all of it. We can do anything if we stand together.

I love my hubby! He truly is the half that makes me whole. I am so grateful that God placed him in my life that together we can journey into our eternity!


Rach@In His Hands said...

Awww, sweet! Congrats on 7 wonderful years.....cheers to many more!

heidi said...

Congrats. :)

Summer and Stuart said...

Congrats!!!! What a sweet and adorable couple... even after all these years! :)

Tracie said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Steve and Karen said...

That had the biggest AWWWW!!!!!

So, loving!!!

*Robyn* said...

You 2 make me sick you are so much in love! haha... I am so happy for you guys!

Krista said...

Happy Anniversary! Michael sounds like a great guy.