Friday, April 30, 2010

Just wondering....

So there is a rumor out there that our agency has someone in Korea this week..... Is it true???? I should be brave and call and ask.... Oh I hope they are.... I hope they are seeing my baby and that they are taking video of her.... PLEASE let there be good adoption news today!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Fingerprints Fingerprints Fingerprints

Today when we got home from therapy there was an envelope from USCIS in the mail. HOORAY I thought our I600 is making progress through the system. So Michael and I excitedly opened the envelope and there inside was..... another fingerprint appointment letter for me. In case anyone is keeping track that makes

3 Fingerprint appointment letters for me
2 Fingerprint appointment letters for Michael 
0 I600 Approvals......

I called the number listed on the form and told them what had happened they told me the standard, "You must keep this appointment if you don't your application will be considered abandoned."
I called the number for the adoption unit at USCIS (yes they now have their own number :-) ) and they told me that I would be having a decision shortly and not to worry. She said that it was a contractor mistake and that when the "officer" gets my paperwork he will be able to clear it all up. I hope so. 

Friday, April 23, 2010

My growing boys.

Since there is NO news on the adoption front I wanted to post a little about my growing boys. They are such sweet little men and I am honored to be their mom.

Miles is still learning at such a fast pace. He is a total crack-up. Here are some recent Miles funnies.

He has designated us the "spice team."
Dad is Pepper.
Mom is Chili Powder.
Miles is Salt.
Isaac is Garlic.
Abeni is Ginger.
Our Pilot is the Spice Rack.
(Yes he came up with this all on his own.)

He walked up to me about two months ago and said "Mom call me Science." Then at Tae Kwon Do the kids were all yelling out their names before they performed and he yelled out "My name is Science." 

He started calling Isaac Cupcake; "because he is small and sweet."
And then he said "You can call me Basket cause I'm big and I can be full of it."

Isaac is as sweet as ever. He is growing and is actually too tall for some of his pants. The problem is that he is so skinny that they fall of his little body. Here are some of Isaac's recent accomplishments.

Is able to go potty in the potty sometimes.
He can spell Miles (he won't spell Isaac.)
He can sing the ABC's.
He can count to 14.

Here are some of favorite things about him right now.

He is completely smitten with his Great Grandma "Happy." She is the only person he insisted on inviting to his birthday party.

He informed me this week that he "Has a serious problem."
He is super cuddly. 
He has a girlfriend. He calls her "lover."

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bloggy Slacker

SOOOOO I've been slacking on this blog. REALLY slacking. And I confess I am also having a hard time buying clothes for little miss. I was at a baby shower last week and my Aunt Jane asked me if I was struggling with this because I am having a hard time believing it is real. HUMMMMM I think she is on to something there. But then I was thinking it might be because it is real and I am finally getting my girl. I almost feel like our journey is over and that now we are just waiting to tie up some loose ends. You know like actually getting her home. ;-) Who knows???? Anyway I guess what this post is about is saying I am here I am still over the moon in love with my baby girl. I can't wait to have her home and I am going to start allowing myself to believe that I have been blessed with the most precious gift of all-a child. Oh and I'm going to share pics of the boys again and progress on little misses nursery and her dress and bow stash!

Monday, April 12, 2010


Upon arriving home this evening and checking the mailbox, we found Abeni's legals have arrived. HOORAY!!!!!! We are so excited that things are moving forward. Along with receiving legals, our I600 was mailed out on Friday and should have arrived in Texas this afternoon. The I600 will then be on its way to the new streamlined facility in Missouri. This can only mean that if things continue to move at this pace, we could have our sweet angel in our arms before her first birthday. Please everyone keep your fingers crossed and the prayers in your hearts that the news keeps getting better and the wait gets shorter.

Although the disheartening thing to realize is that in her Legals is a English Version of her Birth Certificate and there are no father or mother listed. I was really hoping to have it in Korean. However, we are now the Mommy and Daddy and we love you Miss Abeni.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fed-Ex Delivered Again

So in my life right now I love the Fed-Ex man. First he brought me the original pictures of our daughter and today he brought me a gift from a friend. I have met so many adoption friends on this journey. My friend Chrisa is waiting for her referral. She is a jewelry designer and sent me the most gorgeous bracelet. I LOVE IT! It really represents how I feel about my little one and all of the good things about this journey. She has a website check out the link here