Friday, September 26, 2008


We have been waiting to submit our paperwork to AAC because we wanted to have the cash on hand to pay for the first phase of the paperwork; well today we got the GREAT NEWS that Michael's bonus from the Army is on it's way!!!! We will be submitting our formal application on Monday!!!! When AAC gets this paperwork and puts us on the list, we are officially waiting for ABENI!!! Ok so I am looking at this and I have lots of capitals and exclamation marks. Trying to express by emotions with words is something that I am clearly going to have to work on. I will post tomorrow about an excellent adventure we all just had. Laters all.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Family pics and day trips!

Here are some overdue pictures of us.


Ok so it has been a long time since I posted and I need to finish the story. Over the last year we have seen miracle after miracle with our little man. The first being that he is alive. Isaac came home from the hospital and returned two weeks later when he was having pain and no one could identify where it was coming from. No one would listen to us so we brought him home still screaming before he went to sleep. Isaac caught a cold at the end of October and we had to admit him again because he was just unable to fight the virus on his own. We did an MRI to rule out seizure or brain related problems with his sleep. The Dr's didn't find a problem actually they found something they certainly didn't expect; Isaac had no more visible brain damage. We started seeing a Sleep Dr. to help him sleep and found out that he was really struggling to breath at night. He was given oxygen and we waited to see another Dr. to have his tonsils and adenoids removed. After that his sleep improved slowly and surely. Isaac was also diagnosed with GERD and we began treating that which helped with his struggles. We started physical therapy and early intervention. Our little has gone from not being able to turn his head and not smiling or laughing to walking in just over a year. We treasure every goofy little smile that has always been his trademark. We received yet another miracle this last Month. On Aug first Isaac had a cardiac catheterization to get detailed pictures of his heart. The Dr's were shocked and thrilled with what they say blood flow to the damaged part of his heart had returned as had his flow to his left femoral artery. The truly amazing part is that his coronary arteries have shown remarkable progress; beyond what the Dr's had even given us as a hope. Isaac continues to amaze us and inspire us!

Good Night