Thursday, January 29, 2009

Baby Bottle Fundraiser

So we have started handing out baby bottles to family and friends to fill with change as a fundraiser for the adoption. I am so overwhelmed by the responses we are receiving we are truly blessed beyond measure. I have had tears in my eyes several times during the past week. We will be mailing the bottles out tomorrow so look for them in the mail. Thank again everyone! Abeni is so loved I can't wait until we all get to know her.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hey do you want a new camera?????

A blogger friend of mine is trying to raise money for her adoption. She is giving away one (possibly two) amazing super camera prize packages. You can buy a ticket for only $5 the prize is worth more than $600 plus you can sleep well knowing that your money went toward bringing home baby Claire. So skip on over and donate!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Six Years

Michael and I have been married for six years. To commemorate this occasion I have decided to write down six new things that I learned about him and love about him this year.

1. I love that Michael was willing to let go and just be a kid with his kids and I in California on vacation. This year we went to d-land. It was so much fun to see Michael pretending with Miles and soaking up the magic in Isaac's eyes. Thank you for providing that for us and for enjoying it with us.

2. I love that Michael is so forgiving. I am a growing person but I have so many faults. Michael sees me without seeing my faults. I want to prove to him that I can be the person he sees in me.

3. I love Michael's connection with his children. This last year Isaac has often insisted that his Daddy be the one to put him to sleep. I have often been tired and overwhelmed dealing with Isaac's medical conditions. Michael figured out a way to put Isaac to sleep and for much of the year he has done this on his own.

4. I love that he has such strong shoulders to cry on. I have cried much during the last year. Heartache for family, friends, and personal struggles have brought me again and again to the comfort of his arms around me. Thank you for holding me up; without you I would fall.

5. I love that Michael sees others needs more then his own. Michael fills the needs of his family and friends before he fills his own needs.

6. Lastly I love that Michael has found the time to focus on us during the chaos f the last year. Sometimes as a mother I forget that I need to take time to renew and strengthen the most important relationship I will ever have. Michael takes me out on dates and we have quiet conversations at home. Thank you for those moments baby.

So six wonderful years...I am so blessed.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Adoption News!!!!!!!!!!

We moved up another spot we are now #24. I feel so many emotions when we move on the list. Happy, terrified, thrilled, impatient, humble, wow what a ride.

Boys Boys Boys

I have been neglecting my blog here are pictures to make up for it.

The long awaited Camelb*ck

Miles shoveling snow

Isaac shoveling snow

Isaac studying with Daddy