Thursday, April 23, 2009

Number 18

We moved AGAIN!!!!! I really hope that things keep moving at this pace.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hi I have a situation in my ear.

Miles sedated for the "removal of foreign body."

Miles is one crazy little man. I never know what is coming next. Yesterday he really threw me for a loop. I made the boys pop corn for a snack (I Know not so healthy) while I was getting dinner going. I went into the bedroom to get the laundry and Miles was at my door when I was on my way back out. "Mom I put a popcorn seed in my ear," he reported. "Why" "Because we don't eat those." I dropped the laundry and walked him into the bathroom so I could see and there it was deep in his ear. I told him that we would need to go to the hospital and have a doctor take it out and loaded the boys into the car. I called Michael who was out to dinner with friends on the way and picked him up at the restaurant. When we arrived at the hospital the triage nurse asked us to come right in and Miles walked up to her and said "excuse me I have a situation in my ear." I was still to flabbergasted at this time to see the humor in this statement. They did the traditional check in stuff and then we went back into the waiting room. About this time the whole absurdity of the situation really struck me and I started laughing. I was still chuckling when they called us back to a room. The nurse took a look and then the Dr. took a look. Then they decided that they were going to need to use some tools to get the kernel out. Because we didn't want to risk damaging his ear we decided to have him sedated for just a few minutes. He did well getting his IV placed and the kernel was out about 5 minutes into the sedation. Thankfully the drug they used is very short acting and Leo was back to his funny little self entertaining the Nurses as we left the hospital. As we passed the triage desk he let go of my hand and went and reported "situation resolved." I asked him how he felt about the whole thing and he said "that was absolutely comotionable and when they put the water into my pipes it was unusual."

Miles about 15 minutes after his "situation" was "resolved."

Monday, April 13, 2009

Nineteen never felt so good.

My bloggy friend Amber received her referral on Friday. Her baby girl is just beautiful! That officially makes us number nineteen. I'm not sure if it is because nineteen sounds like so much less then twenty or because I know the family who is celebrating their new daughter but I have been so thrilled to be #19 on the list. Congrats Amber and I can't wait until it is our turn to celebrate.


Michael had to work on Sunday so we had to postpone our Easter celebration until after church. It might have been a better plan as both boys were ready to go when the bunny did make his visit. They hunted for eggs and found DVD's and a sand and water table. That is one smart Bunny who know a little blue sand some water and a few mighty movers would elicit so many squeals of joy! I even felt bad telling them that play time was over and they had to come in a get ready for bed. I'm not going to type much because the pictures really speak for themselves enjoy!

Havala's visit, Passover

We had a very busy weekend. Thursday my little sister Havala came for a visit. She met me at therapy and then we all went out to lunch with my other sister Karli. Shoe shopping followed; what girl doesn't love shoes. Then we headed home.
Friday we thought it would be fun to do a photo shoot of Aunt Havala and two of her best guy. We went to the park and had fun snapping pictures and laughing at the crazy antics of a two year old and a three year old. Then we went to my moms to get ready for passover. I can't remember the first time I celebrated passover with my cousins Gail and Ned but it has been a while since we all got together to celebrate this beautiful holiday. So it was wonderful to hear Gail sing the prayer and ned tell the story of the exodus and passover. The history and tradition of the Jewish holidays has such a humbling effect on me. I love sitting around a table with my family hearing a story that is so old and celebrating a tradition that has been celebrated by so many families before mine. Thanks to mom for hosting the party and to Gail and Ned for making it so special. Passover is so much more fun when you can be there you always make thing seem to light up almost like they are on fire; no wait that was just my dad and the lighter fluid soaked paper towel.
Saturday found Miles and Isaac enjoying the freedom that being surrounded by fields has to offer. Swinging, sliding, jumping, bubble blowing, throwing rocks and sticks in the ditch, throwing yourself in the ditch, it was little boy heaven. They napped very soundly. We woke them when my sister in law Cami, and niece and nephew Sage and Asher arrived for an Easter egg hunt. Havala had put together such a fun hunt. The kids were on chocolate high and were not interested in lunch at all. Michael came to get me after the Easter Egg hunt and we went to celebrate his nephew Carson's birthday. My sister in lay Alyssa had done such a great job decorating the house in a pirate theme, it was so cute. We really enjoyed the party. We hurried home and painted easter eggs for the bunny. Then put my very tired kids to bed.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


There are twenty dominos left, which means twenty more families for our turn. It all feels very slow right now I really hope things pick up. At this pace I feel like it will never happen.

Monday, April 6, 2009

More dominos

I have taken a long time to post this so to anyone who doesn't already know...How many dominos are left???