Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The begining.

Well, here goes.... The boys are both asleep for the night and Michael and I are working on getting this blog up and running. We have always known we wanted to adopt and now we are ready to start. The whole process seems so overwhelming right now. Which agency in Utah, which agency in the US? Will we have to wait 2+ years for our little angel or will the process go faster than that? Will our little one be on one of the waiting child lists? (I search them often) What is our future child's birth mom doing? How will this whole process change us? Are we ready for all of the heartache and the joy? I am just not sure where to start. I have reached out into the adoption world to try and make contacts and ask my questions. So with that said I hope that we find our little angel out there somewhere. I pray for us, that we will be guided in our search and that with God's help we will reach our hands out and he will place our little one in our arms.