Friday, November 13, 2009

I finally did it.

I finally did it. I went shopping and bought an outfit for Abeni. I think I have shown remarkable restraint to this point. I can't wait to see my little girl.


Tracie said...

Yea! You should post a picture of the first outfit you bought for your little girl!

Em said...

It was so fun to hang out w/ you tonight! Congrats on your first outfit. I can't imagine how you guys are feeling because I'M starting to get really excited and anxious to meet your baby. I love you!

jenny said...

Hey Ari! I just found your blog from Em's. It's so good to read about what's been going on with you. I'm sorry I've been such a crapy friend. I hope everything goes really well for you with the adoption. Love and miss yo!

Steve and Karen said...

It felt good didn't it. Something tangible to have helps ...... shopping has never been one of my favorites.... until waiting during this adoption process. online....mall....consignment name it.

Olga Clark said...

way to go, very excited for you!!!

Eun Jin Lee said...

That is a huge step! I am so glad that you are almost there...It will be wonderful to see your referral.
I am hoping that the next few months bring in lots of babies for all those waiting.
I want to adopt again-but right now the pain, frustration, anger, all the bad feeings about waiting are still to strong.
Good Luck!
and YES we do want you to post a picture of the first outfit, what a milestone.
I still remember the ladybug purse that my mom bought in San Antonio for our girl, it was the "first" purchase as well.