Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Screaming Eagle Fat Bob

So here it is.  The newest of the rehabbed PowerWheels.  It started out as a red Harley Davidson.  This one is being prepared for Miles as a gift for his 4th Birthday coming up next month.  We are modeling it after the 2009 Screaming Eagle Fat Bob, which Miles drools over when we go to the Local HD shop.  We got chrome paint and painted the engine and pipes, but it seems that it won't stay on the plastic.  So it may come off and go back to the gray color. I am still working on putting on the head light and need to order some decals.  New hobbies are wonderful.


Erica Yates said...

That is so awesome!

Meli said...

hey ari!! i have been trying to see if i can find you!! will you email me at i have been wanting to see pics of ayour cute family!! love and miss ya! say hi to michael for me.