Friday, February 6, 2009

Want to join the fun.

We want your pennies... and nickels and dimes and quarters. So when we started this baby bottle fundraiser we just asked close friends and family to participate. When we got such an amazing response from those we invited we decided to expand and asked some other friends. Now we have decided to send it out into the blog world. I have met so many wonderful people and a few have expressed interest in helping us bring our little one home. Here is how it works. We send you a baby bottle (if you have one on hand you can use it also that saves us shipping); you just slip spare change or leftover cash into the bottle. When the bottle is full just switch the change and send the money to us. It has been amazing to see how fast it all adds up. If you want to participate please post a comment with your address if you would rather not do that e-mail me through blogger and we will send you a bottle. We are so grateful to those who are willing to help us raise funds for our little one. Abeni is one loved little girl!!!!
Thank you again.


Shelley said...

You can count us in! My mom is looking to help too!

(I sent your our addresses yesterday, I think.)

Good Luck!

Lucky Mama said...

Thanks shelley, sadly I haven't been able to get to the P.O. the past two days.. I will try and get them out on monday. Thanks again Ari