Sunday, February 1, 2009

Donations and the first bottle back.

Our more then generous friends and family have been blessing us with donations to the adoption fund. We are both so touched by this huge outpouring of love. Thank you to those who have so generously given to help us bring Abeni home!
Every year for the big football game my father makes a money pool chart and we all buy squares for .25, the total cash prize is $25. We all eagerly sit around trying to figure out who is going to win the money. This year my baby sister Havala won the money. She put the money in a bottle and handed it to Miles who handed it to me. Wow what a generous gift! Havala you have been such a blessing in the lives of my children; all five of us are so lucky to have an Aunt Havala. You babysit, you support, you spoil, you encourage, you settle, you giggle, you play and mostly you love my children. Thank you Havala and thank you for this wonderful gift.


Arizona Manwarings said...

wow your boys are sooooo big, time sure has gone bye fast. Good luck on your adoption what a fun adventure. Manwarings

Shelley said...

I hope those bottles start pouring in!!!

Lindsey: Mama of Andrew, Adam, and Ally said...

Good luck with your adoption, how exciting! As for shoes for dafo's I've found that the best shoes are from the Oshkosh Outlet store. They have canvas oxfords that lace up and open up real wide when you loosen the laces. You can also remove the soles for more room. We were loaned an expensive pair of hatchbacks and I never use them because they are just way to clunky and heavy that my son can barely walk in them.

We also have a pair of New balance toddler lace up tennis shoes in an XW that work well. We've tried crocs and they are okay but the strap stretches and then they won't stay on and it's a real pain because you can't tighten them.

Hope that helps!