Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

Last night was Halloween; one of my favorite holidays. The boys both got lots of opportunities to wear their costumes this year and even go to do a little trick or treating during the week. Miles trick or treated at his pre-school party, Isaac trick or treated at Kids on the Move. Thursday night we had our Halloween dinner. We ate yummy mummies, bat wings, and monster brains. All three of my boys loved it. After dinner my Mom called and asked us to come trick or treating at the state volleyball tournament so she would have a chance to see the boys in costume. Because the state volleyball game falls on Halloween the volleyball team (aunt Havala) trick or treat a day early in the hotel. The girls were still playing when we got to the hotel so we played in the leaves and made leaf monsters and leaf storms. Well the trick or treating never happened, we tried hard but it just didn't happen. So Miles and Isaac trick or treated to Omma and PaPa's van and then to Karli and Carson's car. Friday was a crazy day, I woke up to the wonderful news that the money we needed to pay for the first phase of little miss's adoption was finally in our account. I wrote out a check and finished up the paperwork. Michael got off early so we finished up costumes and made mini caramel apples together. Then the boys woke up from their naps and jjyyy b cccc Isaac is helping me post where was I. Oh yeah so we all went and mailed the paperwork. Michael and I are excited, it feels like finally getting to start opening that present on Christmas morning. We went to Grandma and Grandpas and did a trick or treat. Then we went to Karen and Juli's I never quite know what to expect out of them on Halloween. This year they were witches and the garage was a spook alley, Everyone looked so great in their costumes and we got to laugh and play like we were all kids. I think that is why I love Halloween; it is an excuse for adults to imagine again.