Sunday, November 23, 2008

Grandma and Grandpa Crazy

I have cool Grandparents. I really do. I have been able to get to know all four of them. Grandpa Kent left this life August of 2003 and I miss him greatly. Gramma Happy is just that, happy so loving and involved in life. She has taught me many things about life and has provided me with guidance in many parts of my life. This post is about Grandma and Grandpa Crazy though... They are cowboys in every sense of the word. They are both in their 80's and still live alone, run a farm, and teach and take care of so many people. Well they were taking care of us again Friday. They got on the ATV and went up in the mountains to go find Christmas trees for all of us.  About 6 miles into the canyon the ATV started smoking and broke down. Grandma and Grandpa were stuck with out a cell phone and no way to keep warm. With more strength than I can imagine they both made it 2 miles in the dark night it was 15 degrees. They kept falling and both got very scratched up. Then grandma had to give up. Grandpa is so brave he keep going he made it 5 miles and then he couldn't make it up the last hill. Luckily someone came into the canyon and found Grandpa they drove to where Grandma was and brought them out of the canyon. My aunts and Mom insisted that they go to the hospital, they are both doing OK. Grandma has frostbite on her lower legs, and may loose toes or her feet, they both are dehydrated but they are doing well all things considered. Again they are teaching me so many lessons, the strength of love, the strength of the will to live, and that age is an attitude not a number. I love you Gram and Grampa Crazy, thank you for the gift of knowing you.