Monday, June 23, 2008

My Turn

Hello, it is I Michael, taking another crack at posting...  So this last weekend was crazy..  We traveled to Central Utah (the Sticks) to witness some miracles.  First, on Thursday we made it to Manti, Utah. As one approaches Manti, you can see the LDS Temple on the hill overlooking the town.  So as we approached I mentioned to Ari look at how beautiful the Temple is.  Even though it is hard to miss, Ari asked "where?".  Just made us laugh when she realized what had just happened.  So we made it to Manti and then went further to Palisade Lake which should be renamed Palisade pond.  We got there to find Ari's Father, Mother, one Sister and her betrothed, and her youngest Sister playing in the pond.  So needless to say, we all got in too.  Water was a bit chilly!!  Anyway, we then went back to Manti to have the famous turkey dinner that is prepared and sold by local LDS Church members prior to "The Mormon Miracle Paegent" preformed on the Temple grounds.  

What is amazing to find how many crazy religion fanatics from other churches came out to picket right off the LDS Temple grounds.  Ridiculous!!  This is all I can say about this behavior. C'mon in the 2 years that I taught about the LDS church to people in Korea, I never once told them that their church was evil or stand in front of a religious event protesting what they believed.  So yeah, I got caught by one of these crazies who came all the way from PA to tell me that what I believed was wrong and that it was going to lead me to Hell.  Well I said "Then I am going with the knowledge of what I know to be true, and I am happy with it."  Then I walked off as he cursed me. 

Sorry back to the good things about our trip.  Well we stayed the night in another podunk town called Ephraim, 6 miles from Manti.  Friday, We woke with two very tired boys and made them start moving at about 90 mph.  We then traveled back to Manti to witness the miracle of Ari's sister Karli and her now husband Carson being sealed for Time and All Eternity in the LDS Temple.  The Sealing power of the Holy Priesthood, is truely a miracle.  

Saturday, we had Karli's reception/festival/carnival at Ari's parents home.  By far the coolest reception ever.....  We had a bounce house, Pinatas, fresh Carnival popcorn and fresh Cotton Candy.....  One major problem, every time either Ari or I turned around Miles had a different cone of cotton candy..  That boy was so doped on sugar from cotton candy, lemonade and other sugary sweets that we thought he was never going to go to sleep in 10 years.

Anyway it was a magical weekend.  Two people have sealed their hearts, watch a mormon miracle performance, and had an awesome party.

PS We love you Karli and Carson... Congrads and BE HAPPY


ROBYN -N- KEVIN said...

YAY for Mike and his post!! And when someone tells me that I am going to hell for what I am believing I just ask if they want to save me a seat, or say well then I'll see you there! Anyway, glad you had a great weekend, and we still need to plan a dinner night so I can meet your better half!