Monday, June 2, 2008


Our Internet went out about two weeks ago and it has been a traumatic experience. But on to happier things the boys are growing like little weeds. Isaac had therapy today and he was crawling and cruising all over the place :-) He is funny because he knows that when he does that all of the adults in the room are supposed to be impressed and he looks to each one for encouragement and praise. We took the boys to a local kiddy carnival today Isaac got a balloon and that was all he needed. Miles on the other hand went to all of the booths and very politely asked "may I play please." Then say for example that it was a bean-bag toss game, he would walk right up and put the beanbags in the holes. He saw absolutely no reason why he should have to stand back; that might make you miss. Everyone at the carnival got a kick out of it. They both were sound asleep not 20 min after we got home. There is nothing so sweet as a soft clean baby sleeping in your arms. Sometimes when I hold them as they fall asleep at night I study their sweet little faces, the way they breath, the way they smell, how soft their little bodies are. The moments are moving to fast they are growing and I want to remember forever the precious moments when they are little. That being said here is my first ever attempt at adding video to our blog. I made this for LaWana for her birthday.


Karen said...

We loved the video you did for LaWana. It looks like you had a great time in Disneyland - no wonder Miles wants to go back.

Grandma watched it with me.

Love you All!