Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Photos of the Last 10 Months

Our together day!

First bath with our family

Decorating the Christmas Tree

We have had some long nights.

Happy girl on Christmas

Finalization day (hat by Aunt Karen, Dress by Grandma Nelle)

Fathers day photoshoot

Seriously! Isn't she gorgeous!

Sealing Hanbok (Dress by Grandma Nelle and Great Grandma "Happy," Lace by Grandma Happy using Great Great Grandma Johnsons pattern, Embroidered with "Forever Family," by Aunt Juli, Hair Bow by Aunt Cami.)

We all love each other can't you see... We are a Happy Family!!

How cute is this baby?

Squishy face

Some of those first steps!

We are so BLESSED!!


Krista said...

What a year! Your daughter is just beautiful - and your family is gorgeous! Enjoy every moment together.

The Hamblin's said...

Oh I love these pictures!! Thanks for posting your address!! Ours is private, but let me know your e-mail & I'll send you an invite :) So happy that you're so happy!!

Hardcorescrapper said...

THESE ARE PRECIOUS! I followed your blog up until you were in Korea and thought of you often. These pictures are beautiful! She is a doll! It just makes me smile to see this last year with your daughter. We just brought our daughter home in June. She is such a blessing to our family!! God is so good! Keep the pics coming!! LOVE IT!