Tuesday, October 5, 2010

7 months

We have been waiting 7 months today since we first say baby girls face. I really really really think I will hug her lovable little self before 8 months. A family from our agency that was submitted for EP just 20 days before us is traveling this friday. SOOOO we could be traveling around October 25th. Knock on wood. Knock on wood. Knock on wood.


heidi said...

I hope so! The end of October is a wonderful time to travel to Korea. Not too cold yet, beautiful fall colors.That is when we were there picking up Jonathan... two years ago! Wow.

LearningPatienceAZ said...

I'm knocking, I'm knocking, I'm knocking! :)

Three Northern Stars said...

You are so close. You will be in Korea during a beautiful time of year. Can't wait for the big TC announcement!!!