Friday, April 23, 2010

My growing boys.

Since there is NO news on the adoption front I wanted to post a little about my growing boys. They are such sweet little men and I am honored to be their mom.

Miles is still learning at such a fast pace. He is a total crack-up. Here are some recent Miles funnies.

He has designated us the "spice team."
Dad is Pepper.
Mom is Chili Powder.
Miles is Salt.
Isaac is Garlic.
Abeni is Ginger.
Our Pilot is the Spice Rack.
(Yes he came up with this all on his own.)

He walked up to me about two months ago and said "Mom call me Science." Then at Tae Kwon Do the kids were all yelling out their names before they performed and he yelled out "My name is Science." 

He started calling Isaac Cupcake; "because he is small and sweet."
And then he said "You can call me Basket cause I'm big and I can be full of it."

Isaac is as sweet as ever. He is growing and is actually too tall for some of his pants. The problem is that he is so skinny that they fall of his little body. Here are some of Isaac's recent accomplishments.

Is able to go potty in the potty sometimes.
He can spell Miles (he won't spell Isaac.)
He can sing the ABC's.
He can count to 14.

Here are some of favorite things about him right now.

He is completely smitten with his Great Grandma "Happy." She is the only person he insisted on inviting to his birthday party.

He informed me this week that he "Has a serious problem."
He is super cuddly. 
He has a girlfriend. He calls her "lover."


Megan and Jared said...

How cute! What a perfect little family you have :)

Sarah B said...

Cuties. Your kids sound like a lot of fun.

Steve and Karen said...

Love your pictures of the boys.

My husband wants to thank you for a good night's sleep tonight.....thanks to your information on the "no show" I will not keep him up all night with my neurosis and worrying. Really thank you for helping me...I feel so much better now.

Em said...

Such cute brilliant kiddos. I love it.