Saturday, December 5, 2009


Question: So if you were the government and you knew a parent would pay ANY amount of money to get their child home, how much would you charge for a two sheet "pre-approval for adoption."

Answer: $830

My response "this is crazy" now lets hurry and get it submitted. Those who know me know I get kinda sick spending large amounts of money ohhhh say anything over $100. But I couldn't get this application and check in the mail fast enough!

Next step... referral!


ourbanksaccount said...

and just so you know, they have the cutest flats to go with your outfit at the gap, i try not to go because i have them in my hand every time i walk in! good luck with your baby!

Steve and Karen said... feels so good to make progress doesn't it. I know....just wait until you write the BIG ONE!!! It is so exciting!!!

Em said...

I'm so excited you get to spend that much money!!

Summer and Stuart said...

what a HUGE step closer!!! wow...
2010 is going to be an amazing year for you guys!!! :)
sorry i've been out of pocket for awhile... but i'm back now and so happy to be catching up with your blog!
merry christmas!