Monday, December 29, 2008


Merry Christmas!!!!! (I know late again)
Well I caught the Christmas spirit big time the last few days before Christmas and just finished cleaning the last of the "Christmas carnage" out of the living room, so now I will blog about it.
Christmas Eve was white this year, white and wonderful. I love the snow it just makes me feel all happy inside. I have never gotten over the little girl jittery stomach that comes with the first good snow of the season. We got the house cleaned up and ready for Christmas, (I do minimal cleaning once Christmas day comes because I want to soak up all the little wonderful moments with my boys.) met Omma and Pappa at a great little mexican place for lunch and to get our Christmas P.J's, and then played games, cuddled, and cooked Christmas Eve Dinner together. Then we made cookies for Santa, left out carrots and hot water for the reindeer (Boo's idea), bathed the boys and they went to bed. Michael and I cuddled on the couch and then went to bed so Santa could come. Miles woke up about 7 and waited patiently in bed until 7:30 when Isaac joined us. Then the carnage began it was GREAT!!! Miles was thrilled to give Isaac his gift and Isaac didn't understand why we just wouldn't let him play with the toys and kept making him open more. Miles got a C#melbak and and Isaac was so remiss that he didn't get one that we had to put in a phone call and Santa sent one in the mail straight away! We ate a yummy breakfast and then headed North. We had to take the Manly Truck because it was snowing so hard; lots of smiles from me for that!!! We spent some time with Michael's side of the family and ate a great lunch, Isaac loved the mashed sweet potatoes, thanks Aunt Delonni. Then we headed to the Rich side for games laughed together while we played Apples 2 Apples. Traveling home even in the Manly Truck was a nightmare and took nearly 3 hours but the boys slept and Michael and I spent some quiet Christmas moments together.